Your Elegance with Timeless Boudoir Portraits


I am located in Texas area with studios in Collyville TX, Crowley TX and Dallas TX.
I  have been behind the camera for over 350 boudoir sessions..  As you can see, bright and bold is my jam but there is something life giving about my black and whites. Let me just say, if you're waiting for a sign as to whether or not you should make the bold move to book boudoir....this is it!

You can hear people share their incredible, life giving experience to be free in who they are, but until you experience something that truly makes you feel that way, you won't have that same feeling. 

Boudoir allows you to feel beautiful within your own skin.

Meet the photographer

hello, Alex here

Welcome to your exquisite boudoir experience, where elegance and class intertwine to create unforgettable memories. Step into a world where every detail is meticulously curated, from the soft lighting that dances upon the satin sheets to the delicate scent of champagne . Our aim is to provide an enchanting atmosphere where you can embrace your inner beauty and captivate the essence of your unique femininity. Me and my team  will guide you through this journey, ensuring that every moment is a celebration of your individuality. With a touch of sophistication, you and I will create timeless images that capture your allure and evoke a sense of confidence. Prepare to be transported to a realm of sophistication and grace, where the true essence of elegance awaits you. Experience the magic of boudoir with us, and let your inner elegance shine.

The Boudoir Experience

it's your time to shine!

Albums begin at $695
Digital Begin at $100 
Wall Art Begins at $595

Quick & Quaint sessions as well as a Full Day Experience.
My Quick and Quaint Session is 1 hour long and includes an in studio session with me and one custom lingerie piece for you to wear. 
My Full Day Experience includes a  full-service from start to finish.You will be pampered by my resident artist with gorgeous hair and makeup. Plus, you get access to a collection of beautiful lingerie waiting for you on the day of your photoshoot. I offer light + soft editorial sessions as well as bolder and moodier sessions.
The Experience Fee is $99 For Quick and Quaint and 
$450 for my Full Day Experience
and is due in full to reserve your date. For both experiences, products are sold separately during your viewing/ordering session.

The Investment

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Yes, I do! In fact, a boudoir session is included in one of my luxury wedding packages. You can find all the fabulous details about it here.

do you offer wedding photography and engagement sessions as well?

There are a lot of excuses not to do a boudoir session: "I want to lose weight. I'm too scared. I'm not sexy. It's too expensive. I'm going to look silly. I don't know how to pose." GIRL Toss that crap out the window. Those are fears and excuses and ain't nobody got time for that. I will be there to guide you through the entire experience. Giving you direction on where your hands, eyes, chin, shoulders, and legs need to be. I know how to get all them good angles. Beauty is in every woman and I know how to find it.

What if I still have concerns?

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! My VIP Facebook group is place for past and future clients to share, ask questions and see more of my work that I don't share on other platforms. Click here to join.

can i connect with others to ask about their experience?

Ok, so let's